Russians Preparing For WMD Attack

Russians Preparing For WMD Attack
Vol: 1 Issue: 29 Monday, October 29, 2001

Russian NTV Television reported this week that authorities in various regions are testing local defenses against possible terrorist chemical and biological attacks. At the Volga organic synthesis plant in Volgograd region attackers in a test exercise managed to penetrate the plant’s outer defenses before they were detected. Security forces apprehended the “terrorists” and the plant’s chem-bio rescue teams went into operation. Following the exercise, a number of improvements were suggested for the plant’s security.

Taliban Preparing Bases in Pakistan

The Taliban are building logistics bases in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province. Taliban leaders are preparing a stronghold for guerrilla warfare to be used if a post-Taliban government comes to power. Local young men in the province are being recruited for the Taliban forces.

Haq’s Death a Set-Back to US Strategic Goals

The Taliban scored a major victory against the US with the death of Abdul Haq, a prominent Afghan fighter who opposed the Taliban. He was killed after having reportedly infiltrated Afghanistan from Pakistan several days earlier in an effort to encourage other Pushtun leaders to desert the Taliban. Haq was a key player in the U.S. strategy of eroding support for the Taliban regime among ethnic Pushtuns. Haq’s death was a blow to US efforts to build an anti-Taliban coalition inside Afghanistan, which — along with maintaining external support for its military activities — is key to winning the war. Haq was captured as he attempted to escape the area and was then executed. Haq’s execution means other Pushtun leaders will be less willing to operate in Afghanistan and wavering tribal leaders will be less willing to defect.

America Reluctant To Blame Iraq — Despite Mounting Evidence

Washington is reluctantly facing mounting evidence that Iraq was involved in both the Islamic suicide attacks on New York and Washington as well as the anthrax outbreak in the United States. The investigation of the anthrax attacks against Congress revealed that Iraq is the only country that produces agents found on some of the letters.

The administration has avoided blaming Iraq for the attacks. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said Iraqi agents might not have sent the letters. If Iraq’s fingerprints are found on the 9/11 attack, Washington will be forced to retaliate — a move that will further unsettle an already shaky coalition.

Officials are now investigating suspicions that Ata was given anthrax samples by the Iraqi agent. They said authorities are also probing links between Saudi billionaire fugitive Osama Bin Laden and extreme right-wing groups in the United States. The White House was hoping to avoid directly involving Iraq at this juncture.

War To Take A Muslim Holiday?

To avoid antagonizing the Muslims, the administration is even considering a halt to operations during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Apparently it is considered bad form to prosecute a war during Ramadan — unless of course the war is started by Islamic forces — like the 1973 Yom Kippur War against Israel. The Muslim world had no objection to fighting during Ramadan then. But that was different. Apparently.

Arab Terrorists Remain Active in Israel — Despite Israeli Plan to Withdraw

Although the Israelis are being pressured to withdraw from the areas they occupied following the murder of a cabinet minister in a Jerusalem hotel, Palestinians seem to be under no such restrictions. Two Arab terrorists, driving along a busy street in downtown Hadera yesterday, opened fire at Israelis on both sides of the street, killing four women. Three other Israelis were very seriously wounded, and several others are listed in moderate-to-serious condition. Altogether, the terrorist attack injured 44 people, with 25 of them being treated for shock. The terrorists calmly changed rifle clips in plain view and continued shooting. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.

100,000 Jerusalem Demonstrators Demand Arafat’s Expulsion

Close to 100,000 people gathered in Zion Square in Jerusalem to demand that Israel expel Arafat and fight the terrorism-sponsoring Palestinian Authority. Among the speakers was New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. The global media treated the event as if it never happened. In the US media, the demonstration simply didn’t take place. The New York Times carried a paragraph on the story, but virtually nobody else did. Even the Israeli press said little about it.

More on Islam, The Religion of ‘Peace’

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a hundred times since 9/11. The attacks against the US were not Islam, they were ‘perversions’ of Islam, a word that President Bush keeps telling us means ‘peace.’ So here it is, for the record. “Salaam” is “peace” in Arabic. “Islam” means something entirely different.

According to the “Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic”, the dictionary of choice for the Arabic Studies Department at several well-known universities, Islam is defined as “submission, resignation.”

Other forms of the word, “taslim” and “istislam,” mean “handing over, submission, surrender, capitulation, unreckoning approval, resignation.” You can get ‘peace’ out of ‘Islam’ unless you invent a new language.

The administration can say it, but that won’t make it true, unless somebody can disprove the fact that things that are different are not the same.

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