Terror Cell Killed in Israel

Terror Cell Killed in Israel
Vol: 1 Issue: 27 Saturday, October 27, 2001

Terror Cell Killed in Israel

A terror cell dressed as soldiers were arrested in Israel as they attempted to break into an Israeli community in northern Gaza. Three of the four of them were killed, one escaped.

Arab Propaganda Takes Aim at Guiliani

Saudi Prince Al-Walid was dumbfounded when New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani refused a $10 million check the prince handed him, after he suggested the New York attack was the result of US policies toward Israel. The Saudis themselves were so nonplussed by this act of selflessness in a nation they believe selfish to the core that the Riyadh paper war forced to invent a quote from Guiliani to make it make sense to their worldview. According to the paper, what Guiliani really said was, “The Prince s declarations are grievous and irresponsible; these Arabs have lost the right to dictate [to us what to do]. What we (America) must do is kill 6,000 innocent people. The author characterized the invented quote with a quote of his own. By Allah, I am amazed at your act, you Jew; everything Prince Al-Walid said was true. It seems that the Prince said that because he had secret knowledge that Italian American Guiliani is really a Jew??

Rudy Hitler?

The PA paper, al-Hayat al-Jadida picked up on the story, adding its own twist. New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani was obsessed by his hatred of Arabs even before the terrorist attacks on New York. Another Saudi columnist expressed the opinion that Giuliani turned down Saudi money for American victims for the sake of narrow political capital, in the form of Jewish votes, while the al-Hayat al-Jadida editorial claims that, [h]e hides his first name, chosen for him by his Italian father, so as not to remind the Jewish voters of the infamous Rudolph Hitler” . . . [evidently, they meant Adolf Hitler — you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to write for this rags]. “This is why he prefers to shorten it to Rudy.

If We’re Not For Sale, We Must Be Arrogant

Lebanon’s al-Safir, points out the insults that the American government directed at Prince Al-Walid bin Talal. One by the Zionist New York mayor whose public feelings go far beyond what Israel demands of him, and another by the spokesman of the American State Department.

The Lebanese columnist considers the New York incident as indicative of the oft-mentioned American arrogance. The acceptance of Arab money, al-Safir chides, expresses absolute and unconditional loyalty it emphasizes submission to the master without the latter having to say thank you. The master is benevolent enough to accept the money .

Pentagon Next Target

The Defense Department has deployed mobile biological detection units around the Pentagon in response to the threat of terrorist attack, Pentagon officials said Friday. A “medically insignificant” amount of anthrax was found in a building at the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia. Officials say 31 different sites in the mail-receiving building and the CIA’s main mailroom have been checked since October 23. Only one site tested positive for anthrax.

Moscow Assures Iraq

Iraq and Russia have agreed to upgrade cooperation as well as trade relations. Arab diplomatic sources said Russian President Vladimir Putin has relayed assurances to Baghdad that his country will improve ties with Iraq. The assurances include Russian willingness to sell equipment and dual-use systems to Iraq.

US Assures Saudis

The Bush administration has assured Saudi Arabia that its nationals will not be restricted from entering the United States. Arab diplomatic sources said the U.S. embassy in Riyadh has not been issued new restrictions regarding visa requirements for a Saudi national. The sources said the administration assured the kingdom that Saudi nationals will continue to enjoy access to the United States. This includes the lack of exhaustive interviews or background checks. Nine members of the 9/11 hijack team are confirmed Saudi nationals, another five are suspected to be Saudi citizens.

Polls Assure Israel

The only assurances Israel gets are from the American general public. The United States has bent over backwards to make it clear that they will not support Israel’s war on terror. But according to a poll conducted by the Chicago Sun Times, three out of four Americans support Israel in its war against terror.

Americans Back the Israelis

Only 15% believe the US should drop its support, with the other 12% undecided. The poll results make you wonder who the government is listening to as it takes its position regarding the idea of a Palestinian state. Fully 56% view Israel favorably, including 24% who view Israel ‘very’ favorably.

Conversely, only 19% view Israel unfavorably and only 6% view Israel ‘very’ unfavorably. The remaining 24% of respondents either had no opinion or refused to answer. But 62% have an unfavorable opinion of Yasser Arafat, with 40% seeing him ‘very unfavorably’. Only 2% see Arafat in a ‘very favorable’ light.

More Jews Believe Arafat Than Israelis Do

When asked whether they believe that the Arab World “sincerely accepts Israel’s right to exist” or whether they believe the Arab World “seeks the eventual destruction of Israel,” nearly two thirds of Americans (62%) believe that the Arabs seek Israel’s destruction and only 15% of Americans think the Arab world sincerely accepts Israel’s right to exist.

A similar poll within Israel demonstrated there are more Israelis who believe Arafat is sincere in his desire for peace that there are Americans. So who is the administration representing when it demands Israel back off and pull out? Us? or the Arabs?

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